Antoinette McDale “Toni” Phipps

Fashion applies to a characteristic means of expression and/or presentation. Antoinette McDale, better known as “Toni”, exemplifies this to the full extent.

As founder and president of CAJ Entertainment, Toni began displaying her keen sense of style through casting and modeling. Creating CAJ Entertainment has been her gateway to share her definition of what she believes is fashion and style. CAJ is not only a professional lifestyle for Toni but her passion.

Toni attended Johnson & Wales University where she earned her AS degree in Hospitality Management. Through education and years of modeling experience, she was able to further develop her talent by working for NY modeling agencies, appearing in fashion shows as well as well-known fashion magazines, creating and planning a wide array of events, from fashion shows, weddings, social networking extravaganza’s and much more.

If Toni is not coaching friends and family with great fashion and event planning advice, she can be found coordinating fashion shows, networking events and memorable parties. Toni has now added the title licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Spa NeVáeh. She is an unstoppable woman with a drive, vision and creativity that will only continue to build longevity in the event coordination, massage therapy and fashion world.